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Matheny Sears Linkert & Jaime, LLP, has extensive experience in defending public entities in various contexts. The firm has represented State, County, and local entities, including cities, regional districts, special districts, and joint powers districts. Our team of experienced trial attorneys have developed a thorough understanding of the liabilities and statutory immunities that apply to public entity defense cases.

Defending California Public Entities Against Lawsuits 

The public entity defense practice at Matheny Sears encompasses the representation of government agencies, institutions, and public corporations in areas of law that include:

Catastrophic Personal Injury

Our attorneys represent government organizations in complex and catastrophic personal injury  matters that include serious injury or death. These cases can arise in various fact patterns and often involve “dangerous condition of public property,” construction accidents and highway design.

Premises Liability

We provide counsel for claims resulting from falls, dangerous conditions, highway design, warnings ,construction, and roadway design. Premises liability claims often bring into play various immunities that are critical to a successful defense.

Employment Litigation

The firm represents public entities and employers accused of employment law-related matters, including wrongful termination, various types of discrimination,  harassment, and hostile work environment claims.

Sexual Abuse and Harassment

The firm has represented several school districts in high profile trials involving claims of “knew or should have known,” “failure to train,” and “failure to report” under the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act [CANRA]. The firm also serves as advisors to schools and districts regarding how to avoid sexual abuse claims and the initial response to such claims. In addition, the firm also handles sexual harassment claims within the context of public entities. Both areas increasingly involve Title IX  and 42 USC §1983 components, including post-abuse harassment claims by students and staff.

Excessive Force, Arrest, and Pursuit Torts

The firm represents law enforcement agencies accused of excessive force in wrongful death and personal injury cases. These cases include use of firearms, non-lethal force and physical restraint, false arrest, and pursuit negligence.

Experienced California Public Entity Liability Lawyers

It is crucial to hire a legal team that understands the many rules, regulations, and procedures involved in the defense of public entities. Matheny Sears has conducted specialized investigations and defended litigation matters throughout Northern California counties.

We believe that quality is key to providing our clients with superior representation. We have a seasoned team of professionals. If your case goes to trial, the senior leadership on your case is intimately familiar with the details, putting us in the most advantageous situation before trial. 

To learn more about our public entity defense practice, contact Matheny Sears today.