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Building a Successful Legal Team

At Matheny Sears Linkert & Jaime, LLP, we seek to employ associate attorneys who have the drive and desire to become top tier trial attorneys. We believe being the best takes initiative and perseverance. We also believe part of being a successful attorney is embracing what makes each of us unique and using that to connect with clients, judges, witnesses, and juries. We embrace diversity.

The most successful attorneys at our firm are individuals with a passion for the law who have well-rounded interests and a strong academic record. We are looking for attorneys who understand hard work translates into positive results. Attorneys who appreciate the smallest of details are ideal candidates for Matheny Sears Linkert & Jaime, LLP.

Cultivating Culture

At Matheny Sears our associates work closely with the partners at the firm and have opportunities to be in direct contact with clients early in their legal careers. We believe the best way to learn is by being hands-on with a case from start to finish.

Our firm provides associates with real litigation experience where they will gain the skills to conduct depositions, write and argue motions, and attend hearings. An adept litigator must have an assortment of skills at their disposal to enable them to provide the best representation to their clients, and at Matheny Sears, we ensure our associates are exposed to the techniques that will enable them to flourish.

We encourage young lawyers to be honest regarding their aspirations and seek associates that aren’t afraid of investing the time and energy needed to be a successful trial lawyer. In turn, we provide hands-on experience paired with guidance from a seasoned partner as well as a supportive atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect.