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Raymond Bangle III attorney photo

Raymond Bangle III

Of Counsel



Raymond Bangle started the practice of law in 1982 with what was at the time one of the biggest and best civil litigation firms in Sacramento, Bullen, McKinley, Gay & Keitges.  He eventually worked his way up to managing partner, but left the firm in 1994 with two other attorneys, Cyril Keitges and Tracy Owensby, to start the firm of Keitges, Bangle & Owensby.  At the time, Keitges, Bangle & Owensby represented four of the largest auto insurers in the state of California: Farmers, State Farm, California Casualty, and Allstate.  Throughout the years that Keitges, Bangle & Owensby was in existence, Mr. Bangle’s practice expanded to include employment and construction law. Mr. Bangle also became more involved in representing public entities.  In 2006, he left Keitges & Bangle to further expand his employment and construction law practice by joining Matheny Sears.  Over the years, Mr. Bangle’s practice has centered more and more on defending cities and counties.  

His work is one hundred percent litigation, and, in his opinion, the most common mistake made by attorneys is spending too much money when they are in trial and not enough money adequately preparing a case for trial.  Most cases are over tried, but under prepared.  Mr. Bangle has been a successful litigator throughout his 30 years of practice by understanding that a client expects and should receive an appropriate early evaluation of the case so, if possible, it can be resolved.   Surprises for the client should be avoided, and work done on the file should prepare the case for trial, disposition by motion or early settlement.

Selected Results

  • Since coming to the firm, Mr. Bangle has assisted Mr. Linkert in obtaining a defense verdict in a construction case involving a $7 million claim related to a fire loss.  The issues were complex and fees and costs of over $1 million were at stake.  After receipt of a defense verdict on a case which was upheld on appeal, the client received $800,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs from the plaintiff contractor.
  • Obtained a defense verdict for a school district in Alameda County on a claim of racial discrimination and assault by an employee at the district.
  • Obtained a defense verdict on a “coffee spill” case (before the infamous McDonald’s case) wherein over $1 million in damages was claimed by plaintiff who had multiple sclerosis and had hot coffee spilled in her lap.
  • Obtained a defense verdict on a rear-end automobile collision where the defense alleged that plaintiff was involved in a “swoop and squat” maneuver.
  • Obtained a motion for summary judgment for a public entity on a case involving an attack by a wild animal with the defense contending that the public entity had no duty to protect the public.
  • Obtained a summary judgment on a large contract case for a county and a motion for summary judgment in favor of a county in an employment FEHA case.
  • Obtained multiple motions for summary judgment on cases involving allegedly dangerous conditions of public property, the most common being public roadways.
  • Successful demurrer to complaint against County Administrator in relation to his alleged mismanagement of Emergency Medical Services.

Professional Associations

  • American Bar Association
  • Sacramento County Bar Association
  • Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California