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Favorable Result in Case of Eggshell Plaintiff vs. Pre-Existing Condition

On November 6, 2006, a motor vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of Blue Ravine and Prairie City, in Folsom. Litigation ensued. Between the time of the accident and trial, plaintiff underwent two spine surgeries and a bowel surgery, all of which she attributed to the accident. Plaintiff’s claimed medical expenses exceeded $600,000. On behalf of the defense, Mr. Jaime argued that the liability was disputed and that plaintiff’s claimed damages were the result of a long-standing pre-existing condition. On March 14, 2013, after a nine-day trial, a Sacramento County jury awarded plaintiff only $3,130.77 in economic damages and $3,000 in non-economic damages.

Defense Verdict in a Premises Liability Jury Trial

Obtained defense verdict in a premises liability jury trial for rental truck company in which several hundred thousands of dollars of damages were claimed.

Defense Verdict in Automobile Accident

Obtained defense verdict in a jury trial against a plaintiff, who claimed several hundred thousands of dollars of economic damages alone for injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Defense Verdict in Sexual Harassment Case

Obtained a defense verdict in a multiple plaintiff sexual harassment case.

Defense Verdict in Motor Vehicle vs. Skateboarder Traumatic Brain Injury

Obtained a defense verdict in a disputed liability motor vehicle vs. skateboarder case resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

Defense Verdict in a Motor Vehicle vs. Motorcycle Case

Obtained a defense verdict in a motor vehicle vs. motorcycle case resulting in catastrophic injuries.

Defense Verdict in a Highway Speed Rear-End Collision

Obtained a defense verdict in a highway speed rear-end collision where the plaintiff claimed the need for back and knee surgeries resulted from the accident.

Defense Verdict After $1.9 Million Personal Injury Demand

Obtained defense verdict for self-insured client in a personal injury case of disputed liability and causation. Lowest demand prior to trial was $1.9 million.

Defense Verdict for Subcontractor in $10 Million Contractual Indemnity Action

Obtained defense verdict for subcontractor in $7 – 10 million contractual indemnity action filed by general contractor following fire loss where client would have been responsible for the entire claimed amount if any percentage of liability was found. The verdict was upheld on appeal and the matter was remanded for assessment of attorneys’ fees, expert witness expense, costs and interest, to our client, that will likely exceed $1.0M.

Defense Verdict in Rape of Teen

Obtained defense verdict in rape of teen while attending a weekend retreat sponsored by client- policyholder Mental Health Agency. The rapist was invited to attend the retreat as a counselor and was serving a multi-year prison sentence at the time of trial for the rape. Plaintiff became pregnant as a result of the rape, developed preeclampsia and incurred significant medical bills prior to and after the birth of her child.

Defense Verdict in Product Liability Case

Obtained defense verdict in product liability case tried in Federal District Court, involving allegations of design and manufacturing defects in Michelin tire where left rear tire suffered failure, and vehicle crossed center median of Interstate 5 and impacted Porsche, instantly killing husband driver and causing debilitating permanent injuries to wife/passenger.

Defense Verdict Road Rage Toyota 4Runner to Overturn

Obtained defense verdict in 3 ½ month trial defending New York corporation whose employee allegedly experienced “road rage” episode on Interstate 205, while in the course & scope of his employment, causing Toyota 4Runner to overturn, resulting in quadriplegia of wife/front seat passenger. Jury deliberated 2 hours and returned verdicts in favor of client and co-defendant Toyota.

Defense Verdict in Product Liability Case Design Defect “Hide Puller” Machine

Obtained defense verdict in product liability case involving allegations of design defect in the control mechanisms of a “hide puller” machine used in a slaughter house where a worker was decapitated in the “hide puller” machine by a chain that became wrapped around his neck.

Defense Verdict in Admitted Liability Rear-End Collision

Obtained defense verdict in admitted liability rear-end collision where a jury found such negligence was not the substantial factor in causing a plaintiff’s claimed injuries and damages.

Contract Dispute – Construction

Obtained verdict of $49,750.00 (plus 10% pre-judgment interest) for a roofing contractor on cross-complaint for breach of contract against plaintiffs. Plaintiffs claimed $2.4 million in damages for negligence of the roofing contractor. Jury awarded plaintiffs $271,228.31. On appeal, the court remanded for award of attorneys’ fees to roofing contractor, and lower court awarded $167,000 in attorneys’ fees.

Union Management Dispute at San Quentin

Obtained defense verdict for supervisor, following a six-month jury workplace retaliation trial in Marin County. The litigation arose out of a union-management dispute at San Quentin Prison. Successfully defended client on an appeal argued before the First District Court of Appeal.

Indemnity Trial for Contractor $1.8 Million of Damages Claimed

Prevailed in an indemnity trial for contractor client in which $1.8 million of damages were claimed by an adverse insurance company. The indemnity trial ensued after the firm obtained a very favorable verdict for the same contractor client in a three-month toxic mold/insurance bad faith jury trial.

Verdict of $4.5 Million in a Wrongful Death Case

In a wrongful death case of admitted liability, the lowest demand prior to trial was $10 million, and plaintiffs’ demand to the jury during trial was $32 million. Decedent, wife and mother of two, had recently earned her Ph D., and plaintiffs asserted a wage loss claim of $1.5 million. Plaintiffs’ counsel was California ABOTA Trial Lawyer of the Year. The jury returned a returned a relatively modest verdict of $4.5 million.

Obtained Habeas Corpus Release Daughter Admitted Fabricating Charges

Obtained Habeas Corpus release from state prison for client convicted of sexually assaulting step-daughter. Daughter admitted fabricating charges during fourth day of deposition cross-examination.

Obtained $23 Million Judgment – Breach of Contract, Promissory Note Default Case

Obtained $23 million judgment for client following successful Motion for Summary Judgment in Breach of Contract, Promissory Note Default case. MSJ based upon a strategy of limited discovery. (Requests for Admissions and Interrogatories; no depositions taken in the case.

Favorable Jury Verdict in Product Liability Case – Remington Model 11

Obtained favorable jury verdict in product liability case involving allegations of design defect in Remington Model 11 semi-automatic shotgun where plaintiff had blown off his right (dominant) hand while attempting to unload the weapon.

Favorable Result in Product Liability Case – Model V150 Vicks Vaporizer

Obtained favorable result in product liability case, tried in Multnomah County Circuit Court, Portland, Oregon, involving allegations of design defect and failure to warn of Model V150 Vicks Vaporizer resulting in 3rd-degree burns to both hands of 18-month-old child with resultant 26% whole body permanent disability.

Favorable Result in Trucking Case

Obtained favorable result in trucking case where client’s tractor trailer allegedly forced passenger van with four occupants into oncoming lane of state highway causing head-on collision between van and pickup truck, resulting in death of four occupants of van and passenger in pickup truck.

Obtained Favorable Verdict for $19,000.00

Obtained a favorable verdict for $19,000.00 in a case involving a plaintiff who underwent lumbar spine fusion surgery with jury disputing such treatment as related to the subject accident. Claimed medical specials by the plaintiff were nearly $450,000.

Jury Verdict – Eye Injury

Successfully obtained a jury verdict finding contributory fault on a passenger plaintiff claiming an eye injury in an admitted liability auto accident case. The driver plaintiff sustained right wrist/thumb injuries resulting in two separate surgeries. Plaintiffs’ last global demand before trial was $100,000 and the verdict reached was $11,264 for the driver and $24,682 for the passenger plaintiff.

Verdict of $11,900.00 for Automobile Accident

Obtained verdict of $11,900.00 for an automobile accident. At trial, plaintiff argued for nearly $150,000 and the need for future surgery.

Verdict of $2,950.00 for Automobile Accident

Obtained verdict of $2,950.00 for an automobile accident. At trial, plaintiff argued for nearly $300,000 and the need for future surgery.

Verdict of Fees and Costs Only for a Head-On Automobile Accident

Obtained net verdict of fees and costs only for a head-on automobile accident. Liability was admitted.

Breach of Oral Contract Between Former Fiancés

Obtained verdict of $72,000.00 plus interest for a breach of an oral contract between two former fiancés.