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We are mindful of the unique challenges presented by the Coronavirus [COVID 19] declared pandemic. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure there is no disruption in the legal services we provide to our clients. Because we are trial attorneys who handle cases on a statewide basis – and beyond – and often asked to try cases on short notice, we have been set up to operate remotely for years. As the scope of the crisis mounted, we took additional steps for our key support staff to ensure they also have the same secure remote access system utilized by our attorneys. We will also maintain an in-office presence consistent with the recommended “social distancing” guidelines. We understand that claims will still be presented and that many courts, even though closed, are accepting new filings. Our quick response teams remain intact to investigate serious accidents and other types of incidents. We stand ready to continue to provide a high level of legal support. Our clients will be provided with remote phone contact information for the attorneys working on their matters, who will remain available around the clock.

We will all get through this as a community, State and as a Nation.